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Burnham Bakery loves good bread... it’s the staff of life. For the last 8000 years bread, in its many various forms, has provided daily sustenance and a staple diet within every culture across the world.
In the rush to meet ever-increasing demand the basic goodness of the humble loaf has been taken for granted. We have mass-produced it, packed with additives and preservatives, stacked it up in supermarket shelves for weeks on end in defiance of both time and nature. This is not sustenance. This is not nourishment and it is not how real bread tastes. To move forward, you sometimes have to look back and rediscover what it was that made something special in the first place. At Burnham Bakery, we strive to marry the best of traditional techniques with cutting edge innovation, to achieve both optimum nutrition and premium taste.
Burnham Beeches is a true Victorian icon, a splendid example of Melbourne’s rich cultural heritage. Set amid the estate’s lush green pastures within the natural splendour of the Dandenong Ranges, Burnham Bakery creates true artisan bread using biodynamic and sustainable practices, utilising the best ingredients that Victoria has to offer.
Just as our forefathers did, we tenderly nurture our sourdough culture in-house and enhance the flavour with organic produce from our on-site gardens to produce a low-gluten, highly-satisfying, traditional loaf. In addition to the conventional breads – white, rye, grain and wholemeal – we will also be using Emmer, Spelt and Heirloom wheat, varietals that were cultivated before industrialisation. Along with an irresistible array of pastries, our breads are proved and baked in state-of-the-art ovens, guaranteeing perfection every time.
For bakery products made with passion, dedication and integrity, come to Burnham Bakery and experience bread as it should be, with a taste of history in every bite.


Brioche 400g

Price: $10

White sourdough 800g

Price: $6.5

Campagne 800g

Price: $7

Rye 800g

Price: $7

Seed 800g

Price: $7

Miche 2.5kg

Price: $18

Spelt 600g

Price: $8.0


Price: $4

Burnham Bakery


At Burnham Bakery, we strive to create the very best baked goods. Local flour from small-yield artisan growers, and spring water sourced onsite form the foundation of our all-organic daily offerings.
Take great pride in providing our quality products to a large number of retailers, cafés, restaurants and eateries across Melbourne. If you would like to join our growing community of satisfied wholesale customers please contact us. With our nifty order form facility, you can log-in and notify us of your bread supply needs as you see fit. Brioche, Rye, Baguette, Seed. You name it, we bake it, and deliver it fresh to your door. Our Burnham Bakery ordering app with secure passwords allows you to get those orders in, and our bread to you, even faster.
We deliver 7 days a week using sustainable methods. Even our delivery vans are uniquely powered by Vue de monde Group restaurants and cafes’ leftover cooking oil! Our customer service is second to none, with a relationship manager right there to guide you every step of the way.

Come break bread with the dedicated team at Burnham Bakery, today.

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